Permalink Brandlogist is not what I expected it to be.
Which begs the question, what did I expect? I expected normal. You know, wake up every morning, travel, reach office, work in perhaps a small cubicle or a desk. Not to mention being intimidated by your boss and other people who have been around longer and are much older to you. I expected a whole bunch of work with crazy deadlines that would be hard to meet.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Brandlogist is abnormal. It is just different. Yes, I wake up every morning, but just to receive a skype call. There is no office, and that is just the start. :)
Though it has just been a few days, four to be very precise, I’ve loved it so far. Work is serious, but it is also fun. And there is no intimidation from anyone, but rather a form of mutual respect. Again, it has just been a few days, but I have already learnt so much and I expect to keep learning. The great thing about it is that there is no hierarchy of work, which is something I love, because it means that I will get to learn much more than I would have, if I had worked in a different company. There is also something great in joining Brandlogist, and that is that you join the community of brandlogist too. I feel like everyone is a friend and meetings are a happy affair. :)
Honestly, I’m looking forward to the two months I have here learning and working creatively in the company of friends. 
Permalink Sid on his journey at Brandlogist..
It’s been a little over a year now since I officially became an engineer; well I wouldn’t vouch for my abilities as one, though. 

“Before going to bed every day, I ask myself, have I screwed up large?”
And that’s how it began. After finishing a specialized post-graduation course focusing on the field of Digital Media, I had to take up an internship. I was offered one, and funnily, by the one teacher who’s class I enjoyed the most during the whole year. I say funny because for the first time things worked out the way I wanted them to. And voila! Here I am, at Brandlogist. Manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, in some ways, yes.
An internship anywhere else would probably entail molding myself into a strictly hierarchical system where I’d be asking le Boss before I do anything. Not that I don’t ask now, but that’s probably just me.In any other agency I would be pigeonholed into one department/section/corner of the company, literally perhaps. But considering it’s a small team where everyone brings a certain set of skills to the table, the organization itself demands more out of you every single day. No division is what they believe in. What a load of crap, one might ponder. But that’s where I feel I made the wise decision of taking up the internship at Brandlogist because as the CEO himself puts it, it’s NOT an agency.
Instead, it’s a group of highly focused individuals who, believe it or not, have a lot of fun. True story. But they know where, and how to draw the line basically implying, work means work.With a twist though. You get to choose what you like or are comfortable doing. And the size of the company makes every one very approachable and hence asking for inputs is as easy as reaching across the table with a spoon to have some mud pie.
But after three months, two case-study video productions, some sleep-less nights, a lot of iced teas, forgotten emails, the funniest team lunches with some very awkward yet unforgettable moments, I’m glad I brushed aside the doubts I had about working for a start-up, and took up this internship. And now that the three months are over, I have been inducted into the company as a fulltime employee. One might wonder if things have changed drastically, I did too. To be honest, no. You become a bit more accountable for the work you do, but everything else remains the same.
Sure it must not be like working at Disneyland, but guess what? We’re in the same business; the business of making people happy! :)

Being in Brand ‘O’ Logist

(As one of my friends once mispronounced and asked me, so are you all a doctor of brands? I could just smile.)


Brandlogist is not a consultancy. It’s a powerful idea waiting to be unleashed. And in the last six months I have come across various instances making that idea more powerful & closer to me. Of course the idea is not perfect it’s enamored with its share of flaws.

First let me be very clear why am writing this, it’s NOT for PR. It’s because this is the first encounter in my life with a company which is worth writing about for ‘non-commercial’ reasons. My thoughts are my own and are not stated or promoted by Brandlogist.   Some are good and some not so hence I hope after I finish writing this my CEO doesn’t fire me! Between I really respect his decision of not even changing a single word of this document, the main raison d’être I am writing this at the first place.

Ok so why I readily agreed to become the first employee of this organization over some of the best advertising agencies in town? The concept simply blew me away. Imagine an organization which gives you the freedom to do anything you want to, has no departments, and is more flexible in its operations than you can imagine. Let me give you my own example. Just in the last six months as Brand Analyst I have done designing, copywriting, planning, strategizing, wrote press releases, did presentation for pitches, even account management, research and photography! And all this because I had an urge to learn new things, my boss let me do it. Yes, I have to be good enough to do these pallets of work to actually pass them through the client but how more supportive can your system be to your personal growth and happiness?

The way Brandlogist was built, it innovatively wanted to play on ‘The office without an office’ space. Did it work? In some ways yes it did. You can work in your pajamas sipping tea in your balcony at 11 am. You have Skype just in case your team wants to sort something together. The whole world is your office, especially the classiest of cafes and the most suave restaurants. Fancy isn’t it? But of course it has its downside too I realized, if any employee is not self responsible enough no matter what you do work will impede. And if you are naturally a little disorganized like me with endless search for setting things perfect, you will end up working 16 hours because that mindset never leaves you as the place before and after office hours remain the same. In environment like this you have to strictly know when to make that imperative line. I am still learning.

Now we are a very close knitted small circle of people with varied mindsets working together. In a system like this either you have a supportive group looking out for each other or egoist bunch jumping for individual attention. Our founding team thankfully is the former, it would be interesting to see in the coming years how we keep it that ways with more talent, inquisitive minds and soaring aspirations blending together!

Ahh I almost forgot another thing I thought I would tell you. Brandlogist as I have told you already is an idea and one of its powerful ideas is its sincere endeavor for its employee’s growth. Every month one person is given a good amount to utilize in anything he or she always wanted to learn from piano to swimming, from salsa to cooking! And it’s an endless cycle so your knowledge when you move out is not just of the brands you worked with but a new set of passions you have befriended. And like you too, my first thoughts were Oh ya dude why not, you think all your employees are angelic enough to spend the money on the proposed hobby? Well Brandlogist cuts the cheque in the name of the institute teaching you your hobby! Shit! And there goes all the parties that I had planned out of the window: P

Another thing which makes my Brandlogist experience worthwhile is the type of atmosphere that I get to work in. How many bosses give you a huge set of classic books just for New Year and not because you have won a pitch or he is your friend from ten years? How many colleagues help you with ‘your’ work when you’re down when they can easily say no? And how many interns are ready to work with you till late not because it’s an order but because they themselves have the fire to learn something out of it? In any company it’s the environment which matters the most. In our company it’s very honest, sometimes a little too honest I would agree. That I think we should curtail a little as complete honesty at times could be personal. But otherwise it’s very comfortable and casual. We keep cracking stupid jokes half the time when our CEO is not around and half the time when he is! In his words as long as the timeline and work isn’t hampered we can do anything. (Swear to God he said that! Of course it’s not safe to keep it that open ended :P)

 You know when you start feeling the company you are working for is your own, you start going beyond ordinary efforts and that’s like the most affable relationship you can ever have with any company in the world. And trust me, most of them stops at being just another MNC paying you for your efforts. Not as a family accepting you with your strength and flaws and letting you do your own thing.  I can personally assure you Brandlogist does. Yes sometimes it swears, goes mad, writes long mails and has some little fights here and there but because it believes in being honest in your face and that’s what good families are made of.

I can’t tell you where Brandlogist & I will be six years from now but what I can tell you I would always very, very fondly remember the last six months. From every official and unofficial outing to our every random Pinterest picture (the ones not uploaded too!). Thanks for the wonderful tryst my friend. My passion yearns more everyday in your ‘company’. Like literally! :)


How is Brandlogist different or Unique or is it??

In terms of how Brandlogist is different/unique & if at all the blog post below can answer it best

We are an agency which started of with the belief not of becoming the best or earning the most money but with a question “Can advertising be ethical,can it be happy & can it deliver value?” .We believed it could & Brandlogist is/was an experiment to see that. I know this may sound like typical marketing speak but campaigns like these will help you understand how we are actually adding value to a client’s business:
Running a business via Twitter:
Building the Aamby Valley City brand via social media:
Spreading happiness via twitter:

How our work culture is different-well we don’t have divisions of servicing,creative & planning..we try & tailor job roles to what people are interested in.We don’t have a fixed office where you need to come in everyday for work & every person working with us including an intern is treated with respect (these are unedited blogs from our new interns,company ‘policy’ is not to edit a word of what they say..including the fact that they could be cursing us if they want)

And yes we haven’t lost a single pitch since we started in Dec end & we wear our heart & ethics on our sleeve :)
…check the image below.


Life @ Brandlogist by Tareeshi

I’ve never been too fond of changes. 

I know they say that change is the only constant. But, I think ‘they’ created this theory to supplement their evil plans. What an excellent marketing technique, I say!

Anyway, changing my job, my entire working environment, willingly; was one of the hard decisions I made. I couldn’t seem to understand whether I was going the right way, or wrong. It was in this process of change, that Brandlogist happened.
When the concept of the organization, the work ethics and the likes were explained to me; I had to reconfirm. I was pleasantly surprised to hear something so new and yet, so promising. Without sounding like the perfect employee, I would have to say I was sold on the first-of-its-kind (I think) organization.
And yes, I know there are a lot of agencies, a lot of consultancies but, you’d have to know the secrets (read : perks) of our workings at Brandlogist to know what I’m talking about.

We all know how ranting about our jobs, bosses, colleagues, appraisals, etc is as much a part of our daily routine as making excels and presentations. But, what if, you didn’t get a chance to?
Waking up every morning to a new learning, to a new opportunity and that too, not one that’s forcefully thursted onto your head. Working in the comfort of a friendly atmosphere where the team supersedes those who make it. And that’s not all, the deserving individual never fails to get the due credit.

At Brandlogist, I wasn’t put in a corner only to learn the details of it. I was encouraged to get out there and develop my professional skills. And even better, I was allowed to do what I loved.  

Thank you! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the wonderful Brandlogist family J


Summer Internship @Brandlogist by Shrutika Nagpal

“When she was just a girl,
She expected the world,
But it flew away from her reach so,
She ran away in her sleep
And dreamed of
Every time she closed her eyes.”

My life had to start somewhere. It’s been long enough that it’s been in limbo- stuck between having begun and not really having been lived. When I put the phone down after having been told I had been given the internship at Brandlogist with a huge smile on my face; my life was beginning to begin.

My contentment must have penetrated the walls because my mother came in almost instantaneously, and her expression said she already knew what I was going to tell her. Mothers are prescient that way.

“Another yes?” she asked as she sat down with one eyebrow up, accessing my reaction.

“Only the best,” I replied and lay the phone on the ground, “only the best.”

My mother hadn’t fully understood why I had wanted to intern at Brandlogist so much, but, from the way I talked about it, she had learned at least to accept it. My father was skeptical as always and wondered if I should instead take up the offer given to me by another firm- the leader in South Asia’s PR industry; an industry I didn’t want to be a part of.

That’s when I decided to sell the idea of Brandlogist to them.

A very important thing about interviews that people often forget is that it’s not just the time when the employer decides the worth of the prospective employee and tries to envisage if and how he would fit into the organization, but it is also a time when the employee decides whether he would even want to fit into the organization. They both have a product to sell. I, thus, looked at the exercise of filling in the application form for an internship as an interview.

Upon seeing the questions I was meant to fill in the form I was suddenly positive I wouldn’t intern anywhere if I didn’t intern at Brandlogist. The questions required me to be me. There was no space for hoodwinking.  They were penetrating and twisted in the most wonderfully weird way. My creativity was in the spotlight and finally had a chance to shine. Of course this was all in my own head. But where better to be the best version of yourself than in the comfort of your own intelligence?

Every interaction I’ve had with anyone associated with Brandlogist has cleared my misconception that companies forget how to be consumers once they reach the other side of the spectrum. There has been attention to detail, full disclosure of intentions and a genuine interest in my abilities. The beauty of the work ethos shines through in the form of the amount of thought that has been put into the selection procedure itself. I don’t doubt that I will always have something to do and consequently, always something to learn. The promise of knowledge, experience and a challenge is as tantalizing to me as a densely crowded market place is to a terrorist. The harshness of the analogy comes from the fact that I intend to leave no stone unturned in my efforts to gain as much value as I possibly can from my experience at Brandlogist and I have no qualms in hoping that they too do just that. 

Now I can dream big with my eyes open.


My Summer Internship @ Brandlogist by Sukanya Arora

This isn’t one of those hilariously interesting and thoroughly involving blog posts out there on the web, attracting readers like a magnet. Why would it be, I am just posting about my new job for Christ’s sake.

My second year of graduation just got over when I applied for an internship at Brandlogist. It was a few days back when I was on call with my recruiters, receiving the news of getting hired for the job. After all those interesting yet challenging rounds of selection, it was hard for me to gulp in the fact that I have been selected. 

But eventually I did, as I spent the rest of the day celebrating.

My ride on this coaster is going to be short, but no less exciting, of that I am sure. Being the excited little kid that I am, I would trust myself on the determination and zeal needed by me to take Brandlogist to the next level. Also considering myself as a person of sentiments, I would want to connect to the company and those striving hard for its success and feel like it’s my own. 

Hopefully in that period, Brandlogist will know what I can deliver and they will extract it out of me with full force. Along with getting truckloads of interesting tasks, I am looking forward to gaining knowledge from these great thinkers. By the end of my tenure, I am hoping to develop a strong bond with the company and my co-workers, and call it a successful experience.


Visual Communicator@Brandlogist

Brandlogist is looking for a Visual Communicator- someone who can tell stories via multimedia-with an expertise in photoshop & one or more of these- flash, illustrator,video creation & editing.

About Brandlogist : A brand-marketing consultancy specializing in digital media, while focussing on integrating across other touchpoints. We are boutique consultancy working with 3 to 8 clients at a time - focus is on adding value & preparing brands for the digital future.We started in December last year & our clients include Aamby Valley City, Chi Kitchen, Bagit Today ,Zee TV, RC Cola ,Sahara Star,
Also,the Brandlogist philosophy on happiness:

Founding team : As a team; we are an eclectic bunch including people from the digital, branding, luxury & mainline advertising fields. Our CEO was previously heading digital operations for Ogilvy Delhi & before that he was the branch head for Drizzlin Media, Delhi.

Our kind of work: Varied but, this will you an idea:
Spreading Chi -
Aamby Valley City -

Criteria for being the Chosen One :

1) An art designer :Experience with Photoshop & corel draw.Would prefer someone who is versatile & can work across multiple mediums

2) Personality type: Creatively inclined with who is logical enough to understand a client’s brief.Disgruntled ,we prefer people who are not happy with status quo.

3)One or more of these skillsets:   (same order of preference)

  • Experience with illustrator or flash.
  • From a video editing perspective: With sound knowledge of  Adobe products or Final Cut. Strong skills with an eye for cropping & consistency, production of high quality videos free of distortion.
  • HTML esp HTML5 and other Web experience though not necessary would be an added advantage.

  Details about work environment:

  • Flexible location: We believe in telecommuting so you dont need to come to office daily. Work from home, a coffee shop or in the middle of a park for all we care. As long as you are having fun, productive & remember our faces when we catchup.
  • Flexible timing: If you are expected to work on a Sunday, can’t you hang out with your friends on a Wednesday afternoon? We believe you can & you should. Idea is to work together & figure out when & how we work best.
  • Young & Growing fast: Our avg age is 25 yrs, our company’s age is 8 months but, yet we are growing fast. You should be able to keep speed with it.
  • Growth: Life is too short to have reviews every year, it’s a 6 monthly review & incentives on every win.

Interested candidates can just mail us their portfolios (attachment or link) on hello@brandlogist with the following details:

  • Their expertise level in :graphic design ,flash,illustrator, video editing & other skillsets as mentioned above.
  • Their current organization & current take home salary

& please mention “ Visual Communicator@Brandlogist” in the subject.

Our Web Presence:


Our Story in Pictures:

Case Studies:

Talk to us :


Opening for Brand Analyst

We have an opening at Brandlogist for a Brand Analyst.The details below.

About Brandlogist : A brand-marketing consultancy specializing in digital media, while focusing on integrating across other touchpoints. We are boutique consultancy working with upto a maximum of 5 clients - focus is on adding value & preparing brands for the digital future.We started in December last year & our clients include Aamby Valley City, Chi Kitchen, Bagit Today, RC Cola,Sahara Star & Zee Tv.

Founding team : As a team; we are an eclectic bunch including people from the digital, branding, luxury & mainline advertising fields. Our CEO was previously heading digital operations for Ogilvy Delhi & before that the branch head for Drizzlin Media, Delhi.

Our kind of work: Varied but, this will give the students an idea -

Our kind of person:

  • Gift for words : Someone who has a gift for words-an ability to put things in an interesting,fun,creative way which helps create an impact for brands.We are not looking at someone who’s necessarily published writer material but who’s grammar & command over the language is strong.
  • Branding & Understands Digital : Understands Branding,consumer behavior  & is keen to explore how in this new digital age one can deliver marketing solutions which create an impact.
  • Experience level : 0-3 yr  (it’s more about what you bring to the table than experience)
  • Responsible,comfortable in a startup : We are extremely individual driven & would want somebody who has a capacity to take responsibility & comfortable working in an interesting,fun startup.
  • Creative & Disgruntled : Creatively inclined who is logical enough to understand a client’s brief. Someone who’s disgruntled ,we prefer people who are not happy with status quo.

Details about work environment:
  • Package : Competitive & most probably better than what you are getting currently.
  • Flexible location : We believe in telecommuting so you dont need to come to office daily. Work from home, a coffee shop or in the middle of a park for all we care. As long as you are having fun, productive & remember our faces when we catchup.
  • Flexible timing : If you are expected to work on a Saturday, can’t you hang out with your friends on a Wednesday afternoon? We believe you can & you should. Idea is to work together & figure out when & how we work best..ending in happiness all around. :)
  • Young & Growing fast : Our avg age is 25 yrs, our company’s age is 8 months but, yet we are growing fast. You should be able to keep speed with it.
  • Growth : Life is too short to have reviews every year, it’s a 6 monthly review & incentives on every win.
  • No creative,servicing,planning,social media etc : Sorry,we don’t believe in divisions or bracketing people.We are based on a communication consultancy model , where we understand where your skillsets lie & see if that fit’s in what we are looking at.
  • And a visual depiction of Life @Brandlogist: or

Please Apply On:


Brandlogist is..

A brand communication consultancy that specializes in the digital medium however we believe that communication does not exist in silos of mediums. It is free flowing from one consumer touchpoint to another, connecting with what a customer finds relevant, interesting & helps build an experience for him/her.

We deliver these experiences without having a rigid structure or fancy methodology or dazzling /confusing you with jargons. We don’t even have a servicing team or the typical creative team; so no overselling & no more focussing on how the creative director gets the next award.

Instead we believe in certain simple things:

1.  Amorphous: We believe every client & business problem is unique to varying levels so should our approach. Our ideas can come in the form of social media campaigns, ORM solutions, branding solutions or even ‘how to make our customers happy whenever they feel sad’ (check out )

2.  No creative, servicing, planning etc: Imagine a regular agency structure –execution of a client’s brief seems like an intriguing case of Chinese whispers. The servicing guy oversells & over commits, focusing on whatever it takes to get the business. Then the planner takes over (whenever he finds time for an existing client & not a new business pitch). He thinks, googles, downloads reports ,even conducts surveys among his office colleagues & their family…focusing on whatever it takes to create a kickass presentation deck. His insights are taken by the creative, they think of the craziest most interesting idea ,these days probably try to involve Facebook or Twitter somehow & once they have cracked the idea fit in the insight from planning.

..This may be oversimplifying it but what is interesting is that throughout the focus changes from more money, to great strategy deck to great idea but somehow the singular focus on what impact’s the clients business is missing. They are quite a few exceptions to this rule & a lot of those exceptions make great campaigns & most others cause everyone to wonder “What was the ROI of this marketing initiative.” 

At Brandlogist the rules are simple:

  • If you are not creative then what the hell are you doing in advertising??!
  • If you think your idea is creative & useful for the client then your work doesn’t stop at creating the idea but you need to convince the client about it. In the process at best we will deliver impact & earn revenue ,at worst both of us will learn from each other.
  • For us advertising isn’t just an art. It’s using art to deliver actual business or communication impact.
  • We believe in spending much more money on using the best tools & technologies than on award show entries. Doesn’t mean we won’t participate or don’t aspire for these awards but first we should believe we deserve them & our client’s customers should feel we deserve them.
  • The idea is to hire the best people & fit them in roles they enjoy are good at. Also allows us to hire multifaceted individuals where we are building a strong content team of photographers, video editors  & other domain experts.

3.  An ethical, honest agency: This & the next are probably the biggest reasons I started Brandlogist.
I love communication, love marketing but was tired of bullshitting clients & in most cases the system expected me to. As an ex boss once told me “Jhoot nahi bolega to bechega kaise?” (If you don’t lie how will you sell?). I never bought that, I still don’t.
I believe a client doesn’t hire you because you sweet talk him ,you take him out for drinks, dinner or the girl in servicing is hot. These things influence but at the end of the day he wants value for his brand, maybe because he’s committed to his job or because he’s scared of losing his job. Whatever his/her reasons may be I would still like to believe that delivering value & being upfront about things matters. So at the end of the day that’s what we focus on -being honest both internally & externally.

4.  We are not always the best but we have the best intentions: Nowhere can we claim to be always the best,we would want to be & at times believe that we are but we realize that they are lot’s of really talented people out there.
We can’t guarantee that we will always be better than others but what we can guarantee is that we will have the best of intentions. That may not seem a ‘groundbreaking’ thought but at most times having the best intentions & doing right for your client is all that matters. Rest falls into place

5.  We shall be small,very Small: We plan to remain small & niche, taking on only a maximum of 5 clients at a time & a few projects .Going beyond this may increase our bottomline but we are not sure if we can add value to the clients or add value to our lives (which is definitely not just chasing numbers)

6.  Can advertising be fun,creative, happy: Can it be an aspirational career opportunity. Can freshers who join advertising stopped being treated like s***  (pardon my language,but 4k-8k/month for 6-9 months,seriously??).Can we stop being looked as just people who execute & more as people who think? Can we learn to treat people across divisions & hierarchy with respect & come back to be treated as partners not vendors.

We at Brandlogist believe it’s possible.We hope to do it - at least in part, hopefully fully. But I promise you one thing, if we can’t  ..we will shut shop rather than just exist.

Almost 4 months gone, started with an earnest desire…& yes we won’t fool you , except on April 1st maybe ;-)

PS-For feedback or comments mail us on or post on